Arraymold Kit C, 4 mm, 15 Cores, Orange

Paraffin tissue microarrays (TMAs) are becoming more common in the laboratories. Current techniques including organizing, punching, and inserting tissues is time consuming and involving costly equipments. This Arraymold is the simple tool but great answer for this current technique for laboratories to perform TMAs with less time consuming, excellent results.

With this Arraymold, you can process up to 150 specimens onto one single slide with very little time consuming, minimal technical training.


  • Allow pathologist or researcher to view many different samples on the same single slide
  • Helpful in finding IHC markers for control or quality assurance from hundreds of samples
  • Staining markers will be more consistent when hundreds of samples are on one slide
  • Used less costly antibody
  • Arraymold kit is small enough to be stored in a drawer
  • Rubber arraymold can be reused many times without losing its flexibility

Arraymold Kit C, 4 mm, 15 cores

This mold generates 4mm diameter sample core, 15cores per mold.

Kit consists of:

10 Disposable 4 mm sterile dermal needles
2 Stylets (used to remove sample from needle)
1 Aluminum Plate (for setting cryoarray punches)
1 4 mm reusable rubber Arraymold, 15 cores

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