Au-flat™ 1.2µm, 1.3µm, 300 Mesh

Au-flat™ for High Resolution Imaging


Au-flat is an ultrastable Cryo-EM sample support with a 45nm holey Gold alloy film on 3 mm gold mesh grids. Au-flat is a derivative of the patented C-Flat product.

Au-flat improves your image quality and resolution with the gold alloy film, which reduces particle movement during imaging.

Better reconstructions with less data

Au-flat significantly reduces beam-induced motion during imaging compared to carbon films, improving image quality and resolution.


Au-flat features a holey Au/Pd film on a gold mesh grid, so it’s chemically inert and biologically compatible.


Au-flat’s film is significantly stronger than carbon films and is more capable of surviving the Cryo-EM workflow including tweezer handling, glow discharge, blotting, auto-grid loading and plunge freezing.

Benefits over other Gold Foil TEM Grids

Fewer Mistakes The lighter color of the Au/Pd alloy film compared to the underlying gold mesh grid makes it easy to identify the "holey" side of the grid during sample prep. This ensures the sample is deposited on the correct side and that the grid is loaded and imaged in the correct orientation.

Stronger Au-flat is produced with gold mesh grids that are about 6 microns thicker than typical Cryo-EM grids. This makes the grids stiffer and less likely to bend or deform. The increased thickness is fully compatible with side-entry holders as well as auto-loaders.


Mesh Size 300

Grid Material Gold Grid
OD 3.05 mm
Film Material Gold Alloy
Film Thickness 45 nm thick
Hole Pattern 1.2/1.3 hole pattern (1.2 um diameter, 1.3 µ spacing between holes)


SKU: AUFT313-50
Pack: 50 Pack
A: 1.2 µm
B: 1.3 µm
C: 300
D: Au
Products specifications
Attribute name Attribute value
Mesh 300
Material Gold