Bake Tough-Tag® 1.50" x 0.75" (38 x 19 mm)

Ideal Use: Oven Sterilization

Bake Tags are remarkable oven-safe labels that will adhere to any surface and withstand conventional oven sterilization (typically 180°C) or heating to inactivate RNase, DNase and other enzymes. Unlike conventional labels that become brittle, darken and fall off bottles, beakers, pipet canisters and other containers in the oven, Bake Tags withstand heat sterilization, autoclaving, cryogenic freezer storage conditions (liquid nitrogen) and boiling water baths without experiencing any problems.

Bake Tags resist most organic solvents and caustic agents, e.g. alcohols, most aromatic and some chlorinated solvents as well as acids and alkalis.

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