Binocular Stereo Zoom Microscope

  • Affordable - Portable
  • Durable - Easy to use
  • Five Year warranty

Dissection and observation of macro specimens is more enlightening with our Stereo microscope.  The large stage allows ample room for sample manipulation but still fits in a storage cabinet. Their illuminated stands let you choose light from three directions - above, below or both, to help observe opaque or transparent samples.  Solid, all metal focusing mechanisms will endure student use well beyond the five year warranty.

The ST-800 series two power stereo helps students down the road because they select magnification  by turning a knob on the head, replicating a process on more sophisticated zoom models.  Teachers like them because the eyepieces are locked and don’t walk, the all metal frames are built to last and the low voltage bulbs last for hundreds of hours and are easy to replace.  Even models with rechargeable illuminators are available.

The ZM-500 Series allows infinite magnification changes throughout the range, making available a world of discovery for the student.  

The ZM-500 allows infinite magnification changes throughout the range.

  10X Eyepiece  


Working Distance
Halogen/Fluorescent 7.5X to 35X
4:1 ratio
26 - 5.7 90
SKU: ZM-F502
Pack: Each