Carb-N-Grids™ 2 & 4 Post 3mm Lift-Out Grids

A durable carbon lift-out grid that facilitates precise Elemental Analysis.

Most common lift-out grids are made of copper, nickel, gold, and molybdenum, which can all have inherent disadvantages in some scenarious. Carb-N-Grids™ facilitate precise Elemental Analysis by avoiding false peaks that can result from similar materials inside and outside samples. Their unique carbon formula eliminates the need to constantly change grid materials for like samples. In EDS analysis, the difference between the sample and the carbon grid is visible.

  • For STEM/TEM lamellae milled by FIB or FIB/SEM systems.
  • No waste, unlike copper or aluminum grids.
  • No false readings due to copper or other trace elements
  • No fluorescence
  • Secure clamping without bending.
  • Available with both post- and V-mounting capability.
  • Packaged in a holder with 10 precut grids that break off easily using suitable tweezers.
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Cat #: 75966-01 Description: Carb-N-Grids™ with 2 Wide Posts Pack: 10 Pack Price: $193.00 Add to Quote:
Cat #: 75966-02 Description: Carb-N-Grids™ with 2 Wide Posts and 2 Narrow Posts Pack: 10 Pack Price: $193.00 Add to Quote: