CD-Flat™, Holey Carbon, Large Specimen, 300 Mesh

CD-flat™ for Automated S/TEM Imaging and Metrology

Now Available

CD-flat is designed for CD-TEM metrology of large specimens, like 3D NAND FIB lamella.


Grid Material Copper Grid
Mesh Size 300 Mesh
OD 3.05 mm
Film Material Holey Carbon
Film Thickness 40 nm thick
Hole Pattern 8/2 hole pattern (8 um diameter, 2 µ spacing between holes)
SKU: CDFT823-50
Pack: 50 Pack
A: 8.0 µm
B: 2.0 µm
C: 300
D: Cu
Products specifications
Attribute name Attribute value
Mesh 300
Material Copper