A twill jean cotton wipe made from 100% cotton fiber that is woven in an extremely tight construction. The extractable trace elements are effectively reduced in the cleaning process which removes impurities in the cotton as well as any starches or binders used in the manufacturing process.

  • Highly absorbent
  • Thermal stability; good for high heat applications
  • Excellent wipeability
  • Acid resistant and solvent compatible
  • Low metallic ion content
  • Low static generation
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Cat #: 71749 Description: Lint Free Cloth 6 x6" Pack: 300 Pack Price: $34.00 Add to Quote:
Cat #: 71750 Description: LINT-FREE CLOTH, 9x9" 100/PK Pack: 100 Pack Price: $41.00 Add to Quote:
Cat #: 71752 Description: LINT-FREE CLOTH, 9x9" 300/PK Pack: 300 Pack Price: $98.00 Add to Quote:
Cat #: 71753 Description: LINT-FREE CLOTH,12x12" 150/PK Pack: 150 Pack Price: $92.00 Add to Quote: