Colloidal Silica

This non-crystallizing Colloidal Silica is made to be user friendly. It eliminates the problems that are caused by drying or freezing that are associated with other colloidal silica products which are used for chemical/mechanical polishing.

Colloidal silica is a first choice silica dispersion for optimizing polishing results such as silicon, fused quartz, fused silica, lithium niobate, YAZ, GGG, alexandrite, sapphire and many others.

Application: Colloidal silica can be used full strength or diluted. Dilution to 1:1 or higher with deionized water is recommended. Polyurethane and short nap cloths can be used.


Total Solids 29-31%
Specific Gravity 1.2
pH 9-11
Particle Size ~80 nm
Non-Drying Formula
Not for use above 140° F (60° C)
SKU: 50366-05
Pack: 16 oz