Conventional Kit Goat-Anti-Mouse IgG + IgM 25 nm

The Conventional Immunogold Reagents in the Conventional kits are available in four size classes. The monodisperse size population makes the conjugates suited for multiple labeling with no overlap. The Conventional Immunogold Reagents are the classical conjugates in immuno electron microscopy; they are a good choice when the antigen is abundant, and the accessibility of the antigen is relatively good.

  • For post embedding labeling
  • Monodisperse particle population
  • Minimal size variation and overlap
  • Coefficient of variance: <12% for the 6 and 25 nm conjugates and <10% for the 10 and 15 nm conjugates
  • Matching and synergistic products
  • High signal to noise ratio
  • For the labeling of 400-800 grids

The ImmunoGold Staining kit for Conventional reagents contains:

  • 1 small package vial of a conventional (1.4 ml of 25 nm) ImmunoGold Reagent
  • 30 ml AURION-BSA-Cā„¢ (10%)
  • 30 ml Blocking solution
Supplier: Aurion
SKU: 25551-50
Pack: Kit