Cryocapsule® 3mm

Bringing Correlative light and electron microscopy forward with the CryoCapsule®

High pressure freezing is the most advanced technology when it comes to vitrify a hydrated biological specimen while preserving the ultrastructure. Developed in the 80's [1], the technology evolved progressively to become accessible to a larger community. Still, the sample preparation prior to HPF remains tedious and often comes to advance expertise depending on the specimen [2].

The CryoCapsule® is a new tool in the field of High Pressure Freezing (HPF) and correlative light and electron microscopy (CLEM). Comparable to a small petri dish, it is composed of a landmarked sapphire disc and a gold spacer ring (50 µm thick) maintained together by a plastic ring [3].

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The specimens are encapsulated between the support sapphire disc (carbon landmarked) and a covering sapphire disc.

The CryoCapsule® is loaded into a specific adapter (HPM010, HPM100, HPF compact 02). Live cell imaging is done directly on the specimen in the CryoCapsule® prior to HPF.

Post-HPF, the specimen is processed for freeze substitution [4] and room temperature sectioning.

CryoCapCell has developed a set of tools to manipulate the CryoCapsule® [4] in most scientific environments.


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