Cryocup Complete System 30mm

Streamline the work of frozen tissue preparation.

The Davidson® Cryocup® System works with your existing equipment, such as microtomes and cryostats. Compatibility includes Leica, Microm (Avantik), Sakura, and Thermo-Shandon equipment.


  • Maintains cold temperature for quick freezing.
  • Facilitates perfect flattening of oriented tissue specimens during freezing. Samples can be produced quickly, ready for slicing with little or no facing required.
  • Quickly fills in if your cryostat loses temperature to help prevent work interruption.
  • Portable, space-saving, and economical. Use in the field or in a satellite lab.

How to use the Cryocup® System

Following this process can achieve a perfectly flattened specimen, already faced, mounted on a chuck, and ready for slicing, in under a minute:

  1. Place dyed specimen into a Cryocup®.
  2. Fill with OCT up to the ledge.
  3. Place a Cryo Chuck (or one you already have) on top of the specimen.
  4. Place the Cryocup® in the Cryo Holder and lower the cover onto the Cryocup®.
  5. Dip the Cryocup® into liquid nitrogen (10 seconds).
  6. Drain. Remove Cryocup®.
  7. Warm Cryocup® slightly to release tissue specimen.

Ordering Information

Base your size choice on the size of chuck you may already have with your equipment, or the size of specimens you typically process.
NOTE: BPI indicates compatibility with most Leica, Sakura, and old style Thermo-Shandon equipment.

Cryocup® Complete Systems

  • Holder
  • 3 Cryocups®
  • Nitrogen Reservoir
  • Water Basin
  • Cgucks are not included
System Size Chuck Compatibility
30mm Microm 30mm
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Pack: Each