Cytoseal 60

Premium quality; formulated from the highest quality advanced acrylic resin. It will not become brittle and crack, nor will it discolor or yellow with age. CytoSeal dries rapidly, allowing examination soon after application. It can be used with oil immersion objectives and in fluorescent procedures. Slides will not stick together and the medium will not "cold flow" to the edge of the slide during long term storage. CytoSeal can be dissolved in toluene or xylene. An antioxidant has been added to the formulation to prevent fading of slides.

CytoSeal comes in a Controlled Drop Dispenser, with varying viscosities.

* CytoSeal 60, which has a viscosity of 60cps, is intended primarily for use with cover glass.

* CytoSeal 280, which has a viscosity of 280cps is intended for use where minimal spread of medium is required.

* CytoSeal XYL inhibits the fading or yellowing of stained specimens. Xylene-based rapid drying allows microscopic examination of slides soon after application.

Low-viscosity medium dries quickly and spreads evenly and rapidily virtually eliminating air bubbles.

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Pack: 4 oz
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