Denka M-3 Lab6 For AMRAY Flat 60-20 µm

Standard (Round) Tips

Provided with a 90° cone and 15µ radius round tip.

Flat (Truncated) Tips

Flat tips are recommended for applications where stability and long lifetime are the prime considerations, and where some degree of brightness can be sacrificed. Flat tips are available in eight configurations:

90° Cone Angle 60° Cone Angle
20µ radius 20µ radius
40µ radius 40µ radius
60µ radius 60µ radius
100µ radius 100µ radius

Sharp Tips

Sharp tips are recommended for applications where initial brightness is the foremost consideration and where shorter lifetime can be accepted. Sharp tips are available in two configurations.

  • 60° Cone Angle
    5µ radius
    10µ radius
  Flat Tip Standard (round) Tip Sharp Tip
Brightness About 5 times that of tungsten, 
2-5x105 A/cm2· Str
About 10 times that of tungsten, 
1x106 A/cm2· Str
Twice as bright as standard tips 
2x106 A/cm2· Str
Saturation Mono spot at about 1,400°C Mono spot at about 1,500°C. Almost the same as standard tips
Crossover Large (11-13µ) Small (7-10µ) Small (7-10µ)
Angular distribution Broad, 3.3-4.2x10-2 rad Sharp1.6 x10-2 rad Sharp1.6 x10-2 rad
Used Temperature Low temperature Low temperature High temperature.
Lifetime Long life; usable at low temperatures and crystallized end changes slowly. Long life but shorter than flat tips. Short
Operation Easy; thanks to its large spot size and broad adjusting range. Not so difficult. Difficult; Point adjustment needed!
Stability High; vulnerable to thermal expansion or vibration. High Middle;. Vulnerable to the thermal expansion or vibration. Adjustment is sometimes necessary.
Technology Needed Ordinary High Very high


  • Provided with a 90° cone angle and a 15µm radius round tip. These are just the standard Denka LaB6 Cathodes that are in stock.
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