DER 332/732 Kit

*Please note that wherever DMP-30 is listed as the accelerator in our embedding media kits you have the option to use BDMA in place of it. BDMA is less viscous, has a longer shelf life, and offers better penetration (it should be noted, however, that in order to achieve the optimum results when using BDMA in place of DMP-30 you must vary the amount. DMP-30: 1.5-2%; BDMA: 2.5-3%).

Three different mixtures: one for relatively soft blocks, another for harder blocks for collagenous tissue, and a tougher one, if required.
Lockwood, W.R. Anatomical Record, 150, 129 (1964)

Consists of:
  2 x 225 mL DER 332
  225 mL DER 732
  450 mL DDSA; Specially Distilled
  *50 mL DMP-30

SKU: 14000
Pack: Kit
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