Diamond Paste, 30.0Um UBS

Diamond Compounds

With great experience, technical knowledge, and modern facilities, we are able to manufacture superior diamond compounds and provide reliable service to every one.

Glennel® diamond products are specially formulated to help you prepare surfaces that are usually difficult to polish and require precision finish. To satisfy today's demand the diamond compounds must be complex with near perfect tolerances as is ours.

Types of Diamond:

We use three basic types of diamonds: natural monocrystalline, synthetic monocrystalline, and synthetic polycrystalline. Typical sizes range from 1/10µm to 60µm.

MONOCRYSTALLINE diamonds provide a cost effective means for good stock removal and finish. The natural form has a blocky shape with a smooth surface. Synthetic diamonds have a slightly irregular shape with multiple edges. Precision grading and high quality standards guarantee consistent shape and size. This consistency and unique shape make this a popular diamond for many production-lapping applications.

POLYCRYSTALLINE diamonds are recommended for microscopy, materialography, and where surface finish is extremely critical. We use the highest quality polycrystalline diamonds. It has a uniform blocky shape with a rough surface. Precision microfractures built into each particle provide uniform and consistent fracturing under stress.

Diamond Paste

Glennel® UB Formulation is excellent for most applications where a diamond compound is desired. It is soluble in either water or oil and works with all common extenders. UB compound is recommended for polishing laboratory specimens and lapping of materials such as carbide, ceramic, sapphire, composites, ferrite, and silicon.

Glennel® UC Formulation is an oil soluble compound recommended for finishing wire dies, molds, cold heading dies, and general shop applications where diamond compounds are required. UC provides fast cutting action and superior finish. Meant to be used with our Formula C extender for maximum efficiency.

Glennel® OS Formulation is an oil soluble compound designed for lapping large areas of hard material. Use alone or with an extender it cleans up easily, provides aggressive stock removal and an outstanding finish.

Recommendations For UseMicron
Size Range
Mesh Equiv.
Finest finishes for work of the highest precision. Used for optical, metallographic, ferrite, laser rod, and semiconductor finishing.0.10-0.2240,000
Final finish for most applications: molds, dies, general flat lapping. Preparatory lapping. Intermediate finish to achieve dimensions.32-48,000
Fast stock removal and roughing on hardest materials4536-54 325


All Diamond Pastes are available as a standard in 5 g size dispensing tube UB or UC and UBS or UCS. 18 g sizes are available upon request.

Formulation Type:

Monocrystalline  Polycrystalline
UB........Water & Oil.............UBS
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