Diamond Scriber Straight Mounting, 0.5mm Diameter

This diamond scriber is the ultimate scribing instrument offering the most precision for the most delicate applications. It is available in straight or bent configurations.

Applications Include:

  • Fine scribing under the microscope - for silicon wafers and glass coverslips
  • Precision scribing and repairing - for thin film circuits and microcircuits, etc.

These diamond mountings are 0.8 mm diameter with a reduced shank size of 0.5 mm odiameter, which holds the diamond stylus. The natural diamond has a 60° included angle and a 0.12 mm tip radius. The integrated 6.35 mm anodized hexagonal (non-rolling) aluminum handle has a positive finger grip in the form of grooves for easy control and nonslippage. Each diamond scriber is packaged in a protective plastic tube.

SKU: 62107-ST
Pack: Each