DiATOME manip

For easily handling and mounting of section ribbons. The mounting of the manipulator is easy. The original plate on the cryochamber is removed, the manipulator is fixed in 5 minutes.


  • Frozen hydrated biological samples (CEMOVIS)
  • Room temperature sectioning of water sensitive samples
    • Dry resin sectioning of biological samples for chemical analysis
    • Dry sectioning of industrial samples such as polymers


  • The left manipulator moves a conductive fibre on which the sections are attached by electrostatic force; the growing ribbon is guided.
  • The right manipulator guides the grid very precisely below the section ribbon, the sections are attached to the carbon film with electrostatic force.


  • Leica cryochambers FC6 and FC7 equipped with a Crion ionizer/charger
  • adaption on other cryochambers upon request


The cryosectioning approach is described by Struder et al.:

Struder, D., Klein A., Iacovache, I, Gnaegi, H., and Zuber B. (2014). A new tool based on two micromanipulators facilitates the handling of ultrathin cryosection ribbons. Journal of Structural Biology, 185, 125-128.

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