Digital Microscope Model AM4115T-GFBW

The NIGHTSEA system can add performance to some of the Dino-Lite fluorescence models. It can become difficult for the built-in LEDs to provide sufficient excitation on the subject at longer working distances. The NIGHTSEA source is more powerful and can be placed close to the subject.

Optimized for research and viewing, including fluorescent objects, using blue LEDs for excitation, the Dino-Lite Edge digital microscope has a 510nm emission filter to observe green fluorescence including green fluorescent protein.

It features the updated 1.3 megapixel Edge Series sensor that allows you to capture or record at 1.3 megapixels and, depending on the working distance, will magnify up to 220x.

Green fluorescent objects pop out under this handheld microscope with the green glow clearly visible. If you prefer to observe without this feature, you can switch the light source from the excitation lights to white light, letting you conveniently locate and focus on the object. For capturing green fluorescent objects, simply switch back to the main lighting.