Dip Miser, For Slide Coating, 10 ml Capacity

Slide coating cup with stand and cleaning brush. Glass cup is Pyrex and is designed to conserve expensive autoradiographic emulsion when coating glass slides. Needs only ¼ the volume of solution previously required.

Single piece holder permits immersion in a water bath and provides a stable darkroom stand to prevent spills, and faster temperature adjustment of the emulsion.

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Cat #: 70510 Description: Dip Miser 1 Set Pack: Each Price: $107.00 Add to Quote:
Cat #: 70520 Description: Dip Miser Cup Replacement Pack: Each Price: $62.50 Add to Quote:
Cat #: 70530 Description: Dip Miser Cleaning Brush Pack: 12 Pack Price: $51.00 Add to Quote: