Disposable L/P Microtome Blades, Coated

The quality of sectioning depends on the quality of the blade being used. With sharp durable edges, our blades represent a new standard in sectioning quality.
Our blades are available in three different types:

Standard Blade: For routine tissue samples, the standard blade offers an unsurpassed level of quality at an affordable price.

Premium Blade: When more difficult specimens are encountered, simply switch to our premium type – a heavy duty blade which allows you to achieve ribbons of unsurpassed quality.

The Edge: Years of research went into choosing the optimum stainless steel and edge combination. Repeated testing was performed by histologists to assure that SHUR/SHARP blades represent the ultimate in consistency for sectioning technology. Chatterless and compression free ribbons will become routine no matter what the tissue is.

Low Profile, coated microtome blades.
Measures: 3" L x 0.312" W x 0.012"T (76.22 x 7.92 x 0.32 mm).

SKU: 63063-10
Pack: 10 x 50 Box