DissecTable™ Set

The first and only reversible dissecting table for the laboratory

The DissecTable™ Board Base

Made from high impact polystyrene.

To make dissecting more comfortable, this heavy duty base is used to elevate the DissecTable™ Board to the right height. The bases are stackable and will not move sideways during the dissecting work. The base will also retain excess fluid if necessary.

Dimensions: 481 mm x 656 mm x 91 mm (19¼" x 26¼ "x 3⅜")

The DissecTable™ Board

Made from high-density polyethylene.

A new and unique approach makes this dissecting board more convenient than any other board found on the market today. It is no longer necessary to buy different sizes as this board offers a large surface on one side and two smaller ones on the other side.

Made from heavy-duty thick polyethylene, it will last for years to come without changing shape, bending or swelling. In order to contain fluids, a drain groove is carved all around the edge of the DissecTable™

On one side, you will find a large cutting area including dimensional scales in inches and centimeters, along with a 60 x 80 mm grid made of 48 x 10 mm squares. Six dimensional circles are also printed from ⅛ to ⅝" and 4 to 14 mm in diameter.

Flip it over and the other size, others two cutting boards haft the size with the same dimensional features printed on each one of them. All corners have rubber feet giving more stability to the working surface.

Dimensions: 575 mm x 400 mm x 12.5 mm (23" x 16" x ½")

The DissecTable™ Set

The set is consists of DissecTable™ Board Base and DissecTable™ Cutting Board.

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Cat #: 63309-DT Description: Dissectable Board Base Pack: Each Price: $147.00 Add to Quote:
Cat #: 63309-DB Description: Dissectable Board Pack: Each Price: $172.00 Add to Quote:
Cat #: 63309-01 Description: Dissectable Set Pack: Each Price: $299.00 Add to Quote: