Dual Micrometer Calibration Slide, 76mmX25mm, negative img, 50mm in 0.1mm divisions, 2” in 0.005” di

Key Features

  • New Dual-Scale Calibration Slides
  • 2" Imperial (English) and 50mm Metric Scales on a Single Slide
  • Positive and Negative Versions
  • Unique Serial Number for Traceability
  • Available with Internationally Traceable Certificates of Calibration

EMS has introduced two new calibration slides that have the benefit of dual imperial/metric scales. The PS52P is for transmitted light applications and has a bright chrome positive image. The PS52N has a negative pattern, formed in low reflective chrome for incident light applications, to give excellent contrast. Both are ideal for calibrating optical products with a large field of view, such as stereo microscopes or imaging systems.

  • Dual Micrometer Calibration Slide
  • 76 mm x 25 mm, negative image
  • 50 mm in 0.1 mm divisions and 2" in 0.005" divisions
  • Serial numbered
  • supplied in wooden case
SKU: 68040-07
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