Dust-Off® XL Model (DPSXL)

Contains: Formula S (Difluoroethane) - Safe for the ozone. The first environmentaly-friendly, disposable, pressurized duster. Removes dust and dirt with pure moisture free blasts. There is more product at less cost per ounce. Extension tube is included with the can. Its new concentrated formula will give you 57% more blasts per ounce, 17% more blasts per can.
Weight per can: 10 oz, disposable.

Cat # Description MSDS Pack Price Quote Quantity
Cat #: 70837 Description: Dust-Off Xl(DPSXLA) Pack: 10 oz Price: $16.00 Add to Quote:
Cat #: 70838 Description: Dust-Off Xl(DPSXLA) Pack: 12 x 10 oz Price: $174.00 Add to Quote: