DYMO®-Compatible Freezer-DTermo™ Deep Freeze Labels

Transparent cryogenic labels for short or long-term storage

These transparent labels allow unhindered viewing of contents. Perfect for samples requiring monitoring, like tubes or microtubes containing blood and serum samples. They are ideal for vials, microtubes, Falcon tubes, cell culture plates, microplates, and cardboard and polypropylene freezer boxes.

These DYMO-compatible labels show resistance to harsh organic solvents such as xylene (immersion: up to 1 hour) and alcohols (100% Ethanol, immersion: up to 15 minutes) as well as sanitizing wipes.


  • Permanent adhesive for long-term deep-freeze storage
  • Wide temperature resistance range (-80°C to +70°C suitable for freezers or incubators
  • Compatible with all DYMO® LabelWriter® printers
  • Clear labels
  • Patent pending
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