ECS Enhancement Conditioning Solution

Aurion's Enhancement Conditioning Solution (ECS) is a concentrate that requires a 10x dilution with distilled grade water before use. It helps optimize enhancement by conditioning specimens labeled with (ultra small) gold conjugates before the silver enhancement procedure using Aurion R-Gent SE-EM. Aurion ECS is a prerequisite to condition enhanced specimens for a second incubation series in double labeling experiments (Yi et al, 2001, Journal of Histochemistry and Cytochemistry 49(3): 279-283).


The silver enhancement reaction is a gold particle-catalyzed reduction in which silver ions are reduced to metallic silver with a photographic developing compound as the electron source. In addition in many applications a "protective colloid" is added to the enhancement solution to limit diffusion of reagents to the gold particle surface, thus providing a means for controlling particle growth.

Product Description

Incubation buffers suited for immuno gold labeling commonly contain ions such as phosphate and chloride which are not compatible with silver ions causing precipitation of insoluble silver salts. These ions therefore need to be thoroughly removed before enhancement. Whereas pure water is suited to fulfill this requirement in the purely chemical sense, it is rarely the best way when working with delicate specimens potentially affecting ultrastructural details vulnerable to drastic changes in ionic concentration. Using water it is also necessary to carefully blot the specimens and remove the water without drying before applying Aurion R-Gent SE-EM. Failing to do so will result in dilution and diminished activity of the silver enhancement reagents, especially when working with small volumes.

Aurion developed Aurion ECS to negotiate optimum conditions for enhancement while at the same time avoiding the risks posed by water. Its ionic strength is similar to immuno incubation buffers and its make up is compatible both with these buffers as well as with Aurion R-Gent SE-EM.

Aurion ECS is therefore highly recommended for single labeling experiments. It is an absolute requirement for double labeling where ECS not only reconditions specimens for the next immuno steps but also avoids the use of aldehyde fixation after the first immuno gold silver labeling sequence.


Aurion ECS has a guaranteed shelf life of 18 months from the date of quality control analysis. Store at 4-8°C. Do not freeze.

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Enhancement Conditioning Solution

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