EDX/XEDS Calibration TEM Window Grid

Suspended germanium provides a unique calibration standard for x-ray energy dispersive spectroscopy

Since Ge is not typically found in TEM columns, the calibration samples provide a material that cannot be mistaken for instrument components and their signal peaks. The regime in which system peaks normally occur [ 2-9 keV and 11-20 keV ] is devoid of peaks from the Ge.

The Ge is suspended across two micron pores that are patterned on a grid of 20 nm thick silicon nitride.

The single 500 x 500 micron window is compatible with high tilt angle tomography, since at 70 degrees of tilt, the thin and beveled 100 micron silicon frame allows you to use a ~50x50 micron region within the center of the window from any rotational orientation.

These EDX calibration standards were developed in partnership with Dr. Nestor J. Zaluzec from the Electron Microscopy Center and the Center for Nanoscale Materials at Argonne National Laboratory.


  • Detector energy axis and energy resolution calibration
  • Detector Window Transmission Evaluation
  • Detector solid angle measurements
  • Electron optical instrument system peak measurements
  • Specimen holder penumbra measurements


20 nm thick germanium (Ge) coating on microporous 20 nm thick, low-stress silicon nitride (SiN)
Two micron pores on 1:1 pitch grid pattern
100 micron thick frame, fits 3 mm sample holders
(1) 500 x 500 micron window


  • Zaluzec NJ, DesOrmeaux JP, and Roussie J. A Ge/SiNx Standard for Evaluating the Performance of X-ray Detectors in the SEM, S/TEM and AEM. Microscopy and Microanalysis, 22(S3): 322-323.
  • Zaluzec NJ, Wen J, Wang J, and Miller DJ. Quantitative Measurements of the Penumbra of XEDS Systems in an AEM. Microscopy and Microanalysis, 22(S3): 278-279.
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