EM5-8AC/PP 5 Block Embedding Mold-2 Part 8mm Body with 2mm Cylindrical Cap

Introducing the EM5 - an innovative new design based on the widely used Ø8 mm size embedding mold. The unique two part design allows for easy removal of resin blocks, as well as incorporating many other advantages over currently available embedding products.


  • Separate base and tube sections that clip together to form the familiar capsule shape
  • Care should be taken that each component is free of debris before attaching together, to ensure a proper seal
  • Easy removal of resin blocks achieved by simply pulling the mold apart by hand
  • The mold can produce blocks up to 20 mm in length, however shorter blocks (˜14 mm) allow for easier removal. No razor blades or capsule presses are required
  • The detachable cap section allows for easier access and manipulation of a specimen
  • For more accurate specimen alignment a small amount of resin can be cured or partially cured before clipping to the body and completing the resin block. When fully cured they form strong homogeneous blocks
  • Each mold can be clipped to other molds, allowing for the creation of trays of desired size. For volatile resins, another cap section can be clipped on to the top of the mold, creating an air tight seal
  • Each cavity is numbered 1 < 5, whilst the end support stands have designated areas for writing indexing numbers or comments
SKU: 69934-10
Pack: 25 Pack