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EMS-9000 Precision Pulsed Laboratory Microwave Oven

The EMS 9000 Laboratory Microwave Oven represents a state-of-the-art solution for performing many of the steps in sample preparation prior to either light or electron microscopy. Procedures such as fixation, staining, dehydration, decalcification, impregnation, polymerization as well as immunohisto and cytochemistry can be done with ease in the EMS 9000.

The EMS 9000 offers a significant reduction in processing times while obtaining improved results.


    • 825 watt nominal output with variable wattage
    • Bubble Manifold for 5 tubes
    • Forced exhaust system with fail safe interlock
    • Adjustable duty cycle-one second and greater for very precise process control
    • Magnetron pre-warming

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  • Right side closet
  • Vacuum system for rapid infiltration (optional)
  • Load cooler/circulation system (optional)
  • Three different timer modes
  • Multiple safety interlocks
  • Visual and Aural Warnings on errors and malfunctions
  • All controls are automated
  • Flexible temperature probe

Advantages of the EMS 9000 Precision Pulsed Laboratory Microwave Oven

  • Ease of use: User-friendly touch keypad to set and store all parameters-programmable
  • Multiple running modes
  • Multiple bubble mixing (5 ports)
  • Adjustable temperature probe
  • Ventilation
  • Optional vacuum cycling for rapid infiltration
  • Optional Load cooler
  • Safety exhaust fans with fail safe interlock
  • Integrated on board digital controller


  • 8' Ventilation Hose
  • User's Manual
  • Microwave Companion
  • Processor Tray
  • Vacuum Processor Bowl (when ordering the unit with Vacuum option)
  • Vacuum Processor Cover (when ordering the unit with Vacuum option)
  • 74 Position Cassette Basket Set
  • (2) Histoprocessing Bowls
  • (2) Microwave Transparent Containers
  • Polar Heat Sample Pack
  • Preserve Solution

For Optimum Results

The EMS 9000 features a touch pad keyboard that allows for all settings to be programmed quickly and easily. With a very well defined adjustable effect, accurate temperature control, well ventilated chamber, and three different timing modes, the EMS 9000 is the most advanced microwave processor available today.

For Temperature Control

Our temperature control not only prevents the tissue in the chamber from becoming denatured (by high temperature) but it also assists in pulsing the microwave effect in small precise portions. The temperature control has a direct effect on the magnetron for it allows the unit to switch on and off in the most efficient way at the preset effect level. The temperature probe is mounted on a ball swivel that allows for easy placement of the probe within the microwave chamber. In addition, the probe is made from stainless steel and it is quite flexible so that it may be bent and formed as required to place it in various shaped containers. The temperature sensor is located at the tip of the probe.

Adjustable Set Effect

The set effect is adjustable at anytime either before or during a run. This aids in the balance of the microwave load and the content of the microwave absorber. It should be noted that the penetration rate and process times are influenced by the presence of microwave radiation in the chamber and for this reason it is imperative that the effect rate be adjustable. The unit allows for preset parameters, which are stored in the EMS 9000 memory and are called upon to perform particular processes automatically.

Precision Pulsed Laboratory Microwave OvenBubble Mixing from up to 5 Tubes

Inside the chamber there is a manifold for up to 5 tubes that allows you to achieve bubble mixing in from one to five containers at the same time. There is a built in air pump that facilitates the mixing and avoids temperature gradients in the mixing process. These adjustable bubble mixers make the EMS 9000 ideal for decalcification.

Our unit is so versatile that you have the option to run it in three different modes depending on your application.

  1. Dual Mode
    a. Time at temperature – The timer starts after the selectable threshold temperature is reached.
    The timer measures the time of the process at the set point temperature.
    b. Total time – The timer starts upon entry into "run" state and measures the total time of the process including the ramp-up time.
  2. Extended timer range of 99 hours: 59 minutes: 59 seconds
  3. Count up and count down timing

The EMS 9000 processor has two microwave power control modes.

  • Temperature – Under the temperature control the power is adjusted in a closed loop fashion to obtain a particular temperature profile.
  • Power –Under power control the power is adjusted in a fashion that ignores the process temperature as a control factor. In both of the control methods power output is pulsed with a one second cycle time. However because the EMS 9000 can supply power pulses as short as 10 milliseconds, the power output can be finely tuned to provide excellent control in both modes.

The system has many unique safety features that make the EMS 9000 the safest unit on the market.

The on-board screen will caution and shut down the system if there is high probe temperature, system over temperature; keyboard error; inoperative vent or low probe temperature.

The oven chamber is made entirely of stainless steel and is very easy to clean. It is extremely resistant to all staining solutions and solvents. The floor of the unit is ceramic which serves as a thermal insulator and will not absorb microwaves and it is completely chemical resistant.

The EMS 9000 is designed for easy operation and maintenance. All of the controls can be set with one hand and are easily accessible allowing for changes at anytime.

The unit has a built-in reflector inside the chamber that evenly distributes the microwaves and prevents "hot spots" from forming even for very small volumes.


Microwave Output 825 W
Effect Range 0-100%
Temperature Range 0-120°C
Temperature Accuracy Timer error: <0.1% in all modes
Temperature Readout Update Rate once/sec
Temperature Readout Accuracy <0.5°C
Power Control Accuracy error <1%
Air Agitation: Total air agitator flow is 1 liter per minute nominal
Internal Lighting Chamber Lighting available at all times via keyboard switch (40 watt incandescent lamp)
Fluid Ports 2 ports supplied as a standard – accepts up to 3/16" hose.
Pulse Length 1 second
Timer Value 0-99:59:59
Vent System Vent fan rated at 106 CFM nominal
Input Power 15A at 120 Volts nominal
10A at 230 Volts nominal
System Dimensions 19" High x 21.5" Wide x 24.5" Diameter
(48.3 cm x 54.6 cm x 62.2 cm)
Microwave Chamber 9.5" High x 13.5" Wide x 15.5" Diameter
(24.1cm x 34.3cm x 39.4cm)
Weight 70 pounds
Continuous Run Timer override works as a count up timer for an indefinite period of time.
Safety Interlocks * Vent interlock inhibits operation unless vent airflow is normal
* Primary Door Interlock
* Secondary Door Interlock
* Monitor Switch - Short circuit of the magnetron when door is open
* Oven temperature Switch
100, 120, 230 volt models FCC approved, CSA NRTL approved.

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