EMS Aluminum Punch Kit, 0.5mm

The EMS Aluminum Punch Kit is designed to serve research scientists with a dissection tool for small, pre-defined regions of the tissue or the specimen.


  • Forensic - Punch cut, retrieve, store and preferentially eject cored samples from source materials such as paper, gels, cloth, leaves, paint chip, films, etc.
  • Electrophysiology – Punch dissection of discrete regions prior to acute dissociation for patch recording
  • Biomedical Pharmacology – Punch removal of discrete brain regions for analysis of neurotransmitters and metabolite changes in response to different pharmacological agents.
  • Anatomy – Punch out small brain regions for analysis of neurotransmitter concentrations of mRNA levels or for subsequent use in electron microscopy.
  • Others – Positioning samples inside the quartz pyrolysis gel tubes, or on FTIR diamond cell sample stages.


For most forensic samples, position source of materials (i.e. blood cards, paint chips, paper, leaves, gels, etc.) on the self-healing cutting mat. Remove the protective cover cap from the punch. Firmly grip the punch. The tip is then positioned at a right angle above the target area – DO NOT DEPRESS THE PLUNGER. The tip is pushed downward into the source material until it makes contact with the cutting mat. Lift the punch kit away from the source material with the cored sample stored in the cutting tip.

For most biology samples – Typically tissue to be punched is first sliced into 1-2mm thick sections. (Our Tissue and Brain Matrices are specially designed for this purpose. The section to be punched is then placed on a saline-soaked filter paper disc (EMS #70662 – Petri dish with absorbent paper) on an ice-cold dissection plate (EMS #62536-01 – Cold Plate) Then follow the above procedure.

Sample Storage and Ejection

After coring, the sample is temporarily stored in the hollow cutting tip ready for the preferred ejection. The punch kit can be rested on its side without loss of sample from the hollow tip. To eject sample, position tip over target area and depress plunger.


Clean the tip between each sample extraction by coring blank filter paper, rinsing with ethanol or spraying with compressed air to remove dried artifacts. Rinse mat with ethanol after each sample extraction.

Aluminum barrel is machined from high grade 6061-T6, light-weight, seamless, aluminum tubing and anodized to form a protective, chemically resistant long lasting surface for easy handling. Deluxe plastic case included.

Specifications (mm)

Dot size
Lngth I.D.
Lmen Void
Vol ml
0.50 130.0 0.500 3.20 16.8 7.50 1.30 0.0010 4.760 0.934 15°
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Material Aluminum