EMS Concentrated Water Conditioner

Long-lasting protection for water systems.

  • Stabilizes water in water baths, heatable cuvette-holders, and other water systems.
  • Protects standing water against algae, bacteria, and mold.
  • Protects pumps and thermostats.
  • Helps prevent clogging of tubes.
  • Impedes calcium and heavy metal deposits.

Use 2 mL of conditioner per liter of water. EMS Water Conditioner will add a blue tint to water. Change water and add new conditioner when the tint fades (approximately 2 months for water baths, 3-4 months in closed cooling systems).

Film Development
EMS Water Conditioner may also be added to water that is used in color or X-ray film developer. It permits longer use of the same solutions and does not harm film.

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Cat #: 60502-05 Description: EMS Concentrated Water Conditioner, 100 mL Pack: 100 mL Price: $77.50 Add to Quote: