Conductive Epoxy GOLD Paste

EMS one part Epoxy Gold Paste is agold-filled conductive bonding, exhibiting high electrical conductivity and bond strength. This Gold Paste is used in preference to silver-epoxy or other silver preparations to avoid silver migration problems, or when a higher signal is required.

This Gold Paste is well suited to all SEM work, and it bonds well to alumina ceramic substrate, phenolic circuit boards, and transistor headers. It is also useful in a variety of applications in solid state and hybrid circuits including attachment, bonding semiconductor devices, heat sinks, capacitor chips.

Properties of Epoxy Gold-Paste:

Composition 88% Gold
System One-part epoxy
Viscosity 175,000 cps
Pot Life (25°C) 6 months
Cure 15 hrs. @ 150°C, or 1 hr. @ 150°C plus 2 hrs. @ 200°C
Elec. Resist (Ohm-cm) 4 x 104
Bond Shear Strength 1000 psi
Outgasing (postcure) 0.70% 1000 hrs @ 125°C
Thinner Butyl carbitol acetate or butyl cellosolve acetate
Serv. Temp. Range -65°C to +200°C

Technical Tip:

Mounting of Powders, Granules, and Fibers

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Cat #: 12640-01 Description: Gold Epoxy Paste Pack: 2 g Price: $295.00 Add to Quote:
Cat #: 12685-26 Description: Gold Thinner( Butyl Carbitol Acetate) Pack: 25 mL Price: $33.00 Add to Quote: