Cryo Preparation Kit

Electron Microscopy Sciences is proud to introduce a cryo starter kit which includes all of the supplies necessary to begin Cryo EM. The kit includes a variety of our Cryogenic Grid Storage Boxes, Manipulation Tweezers and Gripper Tools, as well as our C-Flat Holey Carbon Cryo Grids. The Tweezers we are using are coated as well as anti-magnetic.

The kit comes with the following pieces in a small display box:

  • Cryo Grid Box, Round, w/Lid
  • Cryo Grid Box, Square, w/Lid
  • Cryo Grid Box, Round, wo/Lid
  • Cryo Grid Box, w/Pin Type Lid for FEI Vitrobot
  • Cryo Grid Box, w/Pin Type Lid
  • Cryo Grid Box, w/Lid, Sq for Gatan CT3500
  • Gripper Tool for Cryo Grid Boxes
  • C-flat™ Holey Carbon Grids for TEM - Copper Only (CF-222C-25)
  • ESD Ergonomic Tweezers (0304-5SAESD-ET2)
  • ESD Epoxy-Coated Tweezers (0302-5-CO)

Articles of Interest

Cryo Sectioning and the Use of Diamond Knives