EMS Micro-Slide Cabinet, Green

Slide Cabinet System

  • Store up to 54,000 slides in only 2 square feet of floor space
  • Low cost slide storage
  • Ideal for use in Pathology, Cytology, Hematology, Histology, Dermatology, Research, Education
  • Sturdy - Built to last using reinforced, 20 gauge steel
  • Easy to slide drawers

Our newly introduced cabinets for filing 3x1" slides is the most effective system available to the ever-growing problem of slide storage and retrieval.

They are compact, sturdy and economical!!!

The cabinets are stackable (up to 12) and are secured by interlocks. The base (order separately) lifts the cabinets 4¾" off the floor. All units are constructed from heavy gauge reinforced cold rolled steel, electrostatically finished in dura-baked enamel in three attractive colors: green, tan and gray. Drawers are easily removable and interchangeable. They have rolled edges on each side for added strength. The riveted card holder on the front of the drawer speeds up slide retrieval.

Each cabinet has 6 drawers, with two compartments per row, so you can store as many as 750 slides per drawer, 4,500 sides per cabinet. The outside walls and center divider are lower than the slides, allowing for easy removal of any slide.

Each drawer has an exclusive built-in hand grip at the rear and a full sized handle at the front which allows the drawers to be removed and used as trays.

Each cabinet comes with a set of movable Compressor Blocks to hold slides in place when drawer is not full.

The cabinet measures: 15¾" (W) x 18¾" (D) x 4¾" (H) (40 x 47 x 12 cm)


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