EMS Orbital Specimen Holder, Pin Mount

Take the new EMS Orbital Specimen Holder for a spin and raise your SEM images to a whole new level. Experience flexibility and control superior to any other specimen holder. This unique holder is a tool no SEM laboratory should be without.

The EMS Orbital Specimen Holder's clever design allows you to effortlessly rotate the specimen completely around an axis. The pot is coated to reduce noise, producing a black background behind the subject so every detail stands out, allowing the capture of stunning, clear images.


  • Rotate 360° around the axis perpendicular to the electron beam
  • Pot is detached, fully re-positionable below the pivoted mount
  • Control and hold the position of the sample with the simple turn of a screw
  • Available in Pin or M4 Mount versions
  • Overall Dimensions:
    Pin Mount - 1.25" (L) x 1" (W) x 1.5" (H)
SKU: 75911
Pack: Each