EMS Pipette Pro Pack

EMS Pipette Pro Pack

The EMS Pipette Pro Pack consists of 3 models of pipettors that serve the most commonly used volume ranges in the laboratory:

  • 2µL - 20µL
  • 20µL - 200µL
  • 100µL - 1000µL

When used in conjunction, the pipettes in this kit cover a combined volume range of 2µL - 1000µL.

These light-weight ergonomic pipettes offer exceptional accuracy and reproducibility, as well as reduced actuation forces for increased user comfort.

EMS Pipette Pro Pack:
70961-01 2.0 - 20 µl Pipette,
70961-06 20 - 200µl Pipette,
70961-08 100 - 1000µl Pipette
SKU: 70961-PRO
Pack: Each