EMS Proculture Cryotube Floating Bubble Rack

Incubate cryotubes in 37°C water baths or beakers 

This round 20-place polypropylene floating rack accomodates most cryotubes and holds them securely in 
a circular pattern comprised of 8 inner and 12 outer openings. 


  • Excellent for holding cryotubes for incubation or work 
  • Floats in water; also useful for quickly thawing frozen cells in a 37°C water bath 
  • Cryotubes are easily removed by holding the center handle and pushing the rack down against the bench until the legs touch 
  • Autoclavable 

Dimensions: 6.4mm (1/4") thick; 95mm (3-3/4") in diameter; 19mm (3/4") long legs

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