EMS Professional M3 Series Trimmer

Durable, accurate, and easy to use

Our cutting head is made from die-cast alloy construction, which adds strength, maintains alignment, and guarantees years of service. It's molded to the shape of your hand with an exclusive Comfort Grip that makes repetitive work less fatiguing. Within the housing is a hollow-ground tool-steel rotary blade that is self-sharpening for a long life of clean, precise cuts.

Dual steel rails guide the cutting head with complete stability and precision for accurate, repeatable cuts. Four nylon bearings in the head further ensure quiet, effortless cutting. The extruded aluminum supports on each end lock in alignment. A transparent paper guide automatically holds material in place without risk of damage. An extruded aluminum alignment scale is factory-locked to be perfectly square to the blade edge. The alignment scale has measurements in inches and centimeters and accepts the Slide Guide for making repeatable cuts. The baseboard has a long lasting laminate finish that wipes clean in seconds. A durable, silk-screened registration grid, laid out in 1-inch increments, covers the baseboard for quick and easy measuring of any print or documents.

Designed for safety

The cutting blade is completely covered by the blade housing – making the M3 Series an ideal choice for schools, offices, darkrooms, selfservice print stations, and high volume production labs. The base rests on non-slip rubber feet.

Made in the USA. Backed by a five year limited warranty.

Cat # Description Pack Price Quote Quantity
Cat #: 74885-24 Description: Kodak Gear M3 Series Trimmer Pack: Each Price: $373.00 Add to Quote:
Cat #: 74885-36 Description: Kodak Gear M3 Series Trimmer Pack: Each Price: $582.00 Add to Quote: