EMS Quick Dry Adhesive and Remover Kit

Adhesive: A clear, fast curing cyanoacrylate adhesive developed as an alternative for bonding samples and non-porous materials to similar materials or glass. Bonded samples are easy to remove using the remover.

Remover: A clear liquid for destabilizing and debonding cured cyanoacrylates. Will work on Loctite™, Henkel, Permabond®, 3M™, and more brands of cyanoacrylate glue. Helpful for cleaning cyanoacylates from surfaces and containers.

Test first before using on plastic. Avoid repeated contact with skin.

Kit includes: Adhesive and Remover, each in 20 ml applicator-tipped bottles.

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Cat #: 12647 Description: EMS Quick Dry Adhesive and Remover Kit, 2x20ml Pack: Each Price: $19.00 Add to Quote: