EMS Rapid Pro Kit

A Revolutionary Rapid Tissue Processing System

Tissue processing has not changed in more than a century... until now. The EMS Rapid Pro Processing System can cut total processing time to as little as 46 minutes.

Advantages over traditional processing

  • Speed – no other processing chemicals will deliver results this fast
  • Increased throughput
  • Suitable for both fresh and frozen sections
  • Catalyzed versions of standard processing chemicals eliminate the need for new safety features, storage, or learning curves
  • Effective for manual or automatic tissue processing
  • Compatible with existing tissue processing equipment
  • "Results While You Wait" option for patients

For more staining protocols, see the Technical Data Sheet.

A proven and reliable method for obtaining rapid results in tissue processing

Process Standard Processing Time EMS Rapid Pro Processing Time
Formalin ½ hr - 1 hr 3 min
70% Ethanol 1 hr 3 min
95% Ethanol 1 hr 3 min
98% Ethanol 1 hr 3 min
90% Xylenes ½ hr - 1 hr 3 min
98% Ethanol 1 hr 3 min
90% Xylenes ½ hr - 1 hr 3 min
Paraffin 2 - 3 hrs 25 min
Total Processing TIme 7½ - 10 hrs 46 min
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