EUKITT 4400 LB is a single-component resin that polymerizes under UV light. It is used for embedding and preparing of thin ground sections. Thin ground sections for medical and technical applications can be produced. It is the latest embedding medium, and a worldwide innovation, due to its unique properties.

Properties of EUKITT EMS 4400 LB

EUKITT EMS 4400 LB is specially developed for thin ground sectioning technology. It completely passes through hard and soft tissue. Due to its mechanic strength, it is extremely suitable for the thin sectioning technique.

The hardening of the embedding medium is done by UV light of a wavelength of 365 nm with 2 x 9 W. The exposure takes place from two sides. During the exposure within the given time (see instruction manual/operating instructions) temperatures of 50°C will not be exceeded.

Fast staining is possible with all known methods, and with the same high quality.

EUKITT EMS 4400 LB does not contain monomers, therefore the vapor pressure is very low. As a consequence the user is not bothered by intense, toxic smell. EUKITT EMS 4400 LB is characterized by crystal-clear optics with a favorable refractive index, good fluidity and low shrinkage.


Every common fixation for light microscopy is possible for this outstanding embedding system.


The drainage and infiltration of the tissue is possible via an ascending range of alcohol/EUKITT EMS 4400 LB (for this, see the instruction manual).

Embedding and polymerization

Embedding with EUKITT EMS 4400 LB can be performed with standard techniques. Take care when filling the embedding mold, so that no air bubbles are enclosed.

Polymerization (hardening) is done by exposure through a lamp system of 365 nm and 2 x 9 W to comply with the steps in the instruction manual The entire polymerization takes a maximum of 4 hours.

EUKITT EMS 4400 LB is available in 500 ml units only.

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