EUKITT® Microfix Mounting Medium

MICROFIX follows the proven, xylene-based approach of O. Kindler ORSAtec. MICROFIX is characterized by fast curing, crystal-clear optics, low fluorescence, ideal refractive index, good flowability and low shrinkage. MICROFIX is colorless and does not change shape, structure or color of the material to be examined. These characteristics are already known from the classic EUKITT. What is new is the streamlined and optimized synthesis and filling process, and a still further optimized selection of our raw materials.


Refractive index n[20°C] 1.49
Viscosity 250-450 mPa*s
Drying time 20 minutes
No yellowing after long storage
No brittle fracture
No primary fluorescence under UV light
SKU: 15322-35
Pack: 500 mL
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