Evactron EP Plasma Decontaminator + Android For JEOL

The Evactron® E-Series™ of remote RF plasma cleaners reduces hydrocarbon contamination from high vacuum chambers by breaking down the carbon and turning it into a gas phase that is then removed by the pumping system.


  • High cleaning efficiency
  • Small footprint/compact plasma radical source (PRS)
  • Operates at TMP and turbomolecular pressures
  • "Pop" ignition (patent pending)
  • Windows and Android GUI software
  • Desktop controller
  • Fits chambers and load locks
  • Vacuum safety interlock

The Evactron® EP Decontaminator is designed for:

  • Cleaning high vacuum chambers, SEM/FIB
  • Pre-cleaning of the samples

The Evactron® EP model with instant ignition from any vacuum level brings the user highest cleaning rates at low pressures. It uses flowing afterglow to remove surface hydrocarbons from vacuum chambers operating with turbo molecular pumps.


  • Energy efficient hollow cathode plasma
  • Flow through gas supply
  • Plasma Radical Source (PRS) design maximizes delivery of radicals to chamber
  • "Pop" ignition of the plasma works at pressures below 100 Pa/750 mTorr
  • Low pressure operation 1-3 Pa/7.5-22.5 mTorr
  • Starts and operates at turbo molecular pump compatible pressures
  • Fixed match provides maximum plasma power transfer

Other Features

  • High reliability at 20 Watts and 13.56 MHz power supply
  • No vacuum gauge needed
  • NW 40 flange standard, CF 2.75 optional
  • Vacuum only operation interlock
  • >100 Å/min cleaning rates
  • Rack mount for system integration
  • Elegant and compact design
  • Windows GUI interface/Android tablet programming compatibility

Ordering Information

Attachment Flange required, sold separately. See below.

Android For JEOL TMP Systems.

Supplier: XEI Scientific
SKU: 91000-12
Pack: Each
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