SoftClean System

Electron microscope image quality is greatly improved by the removal of hydrocarbon (H/C) contamination from microscope chambers and from specimen mounts, specimen holders, and the specimens themselves. The Evactron® Decontaminator was developed to clean microscope chambers of their residual H/C contamination.

The Evactron® SoftClean Chamber extends the ability to pre-clean specimens, specimen mounts, and holders with the proven downstream plasma ashing process before examination in the chamber, thus insuring high image quality. The Evactron® SoftClean Chamber can also be used as a specimen storage system, keeping samples in a clean environment.

The downstream plasma process used in the Evactron® SoftClean Chamber is gentle, yet very effective at removing H/C contamination. Sputter etching by other plasma cleaners can damage specimens through exposure to energetic ions and heat.

The Evactron® SoftClean Chamber uses reactive gas radicals to remove H/C from specimen surfaces by chemical etch, preserving critical sample fine structure. This downstream etching process breaks down problematic H/C residues into smaller molecules such as CO2, H2O and CO, which are easily pumped out of the chamber.


  • Cleans SEM/TEM samples
  • Cleans TEM grids/sample rods
  • Inert sample storage
  • Just use air for oxygen radicals, or use other gases for alternative plasma processes
  • Easy setup and operation. Preset pressure, power and time settings
  • Can be operated from either front panel or computer interface
  • Optional shroud can cover transducer and valve assembly on the Plasma Radical Source
  • Start cleaning by using chamber vent and evacuation controls
  • Advanced plasma detection logic
  • Cleaning and error logs record history and aid troubleshooting
  • Electronic chassis: 3.5"H x 19"W x 7"D (9 x 23 x 48 cm)
  • RF Power: 5-20 Watts at 13.56 MHz
  • KF 40 vacuum mounting flange, adapter flanges available
  • 90-250 VAC 50/60 Hz input
  • Shipping: 20 lb. (10 kg.)


  • Windows and Android GUI software
  • Optional Safar side loaders (US 8,716,676 B2)
  • Accommodates up to three TEM stage rods

Pump Specifications

  • A dry scroll pump rated at 4 cfm/6.8 m3/h or better.
  • A pump rated at ~8 cfm/13.5 m3/h is preferred.
  • You may need to adapt The KF16 flange on the pump valve to a KF25 flange found on many roughing pumps.
  • Use a roughing line of 2.5cm in diameter or larger.

Ordering Information

Attachment Flange required, sold separately. See below.

Supplier: XEI Scientific
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