Fib Sample Holder Low Profile

Fortress™ FIB Holder with CastleGuard™ Protection

Fortress™ FIB Holders are reusable holders that secure FIB sample that are held in a specific orientation without the use of adhesives, adhesive tabs, or conductive paints. Fortress™ FIB Holders can be used to position a thin, whole or cut TEM grid / disk in an orientation such that either in-situ or an ex-situ. FIB lift-out technique can be used to attach a FIB-prepared sample. Physical protection of the mounted sample on the grid is provided with the CastleGuard™ protection design. Up to 30 Fortress FIB Holders can be stored in a single SS200 Sample Saver™ storage container. Features:

  • Unique clamping mechanism secures sample without over tightening.
  • Standard ⅛" pin mount fits most FIBs and SEMs.
  • Peripheral support structure protects specimens during handling and transport.
  • Economical design offers user to prepare and store samples on the same holder.
  • Compatible with Sample Sver™ Stoage containers for secure stoage and transport in an inert environment.
Fortress™ FIB Holder – Low Profile

Low Profile Fortress™ FIB Holder to hold either a standard FIB lift out specimen on a grid or an H-Bar cut Sample

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