Filter Pipette Tips 5 - 200µl (Barrier Tips) 96 rack

Filter Pipette Tips (Barrier Tips)

  • Certified Rnase / Dnase-Free, Human DNA-Free, and PCR Inhibitor-Free
  • Low Binding Surface reduces DNA and Protection retention
  • Liquid and aerosol barrier prevent pipetter contamination
  • A universal Fit on most research-grade pipetters
  • CellPack keeps tips straight for multi-channel pipetters


  • High-density polyethylene (Naturally hydrophobic)


  • Aerosol Barrier:
    Prevents aerosol contamination
  • Self-sealing Barrier (contains cellulose):
    Prevents aerosol and liquid contamination
    Cellulose can contaminate samples
  • Liquid Barrier:
    Prevents aerosol and liquid contamination
    Will not contaminate samples
Description Sterile Low Retention
5 - 200µl Filter Tip, Natural Yes Yes
SKU: 72460-20
Pack: 10 Case
Products specifications
Attribute name Attribute value
Color Natural
Material HDPE - High Density Polyethylene