Fomblin® Vacuum Grease, AR555 Grade

Fomblin AR555 is a homogenous white grease with excellent rust inhibiting and solvent washout resistance properties. It is suitable for lubricating mechanical parts requiring boundary (extreme pressure) lubricating properties, and suitable for use in several operating conditions, high load, high speed, and where a wide temperature range is requred.

The operating temperature range is from -20°C to 250°C. Its properties make it suitable in "lubricating for life" applications. This vacuum grease is an excellent lubricant for sliding elastomer seals, and exhibits the chemical inertness typical of the Fomblin range.

It has a very low vapor pressure, <10-7 mbar at 20°C, and is suitable for use in the presence of gaseous and liquid oxygen under severe condition.

  • Very wide temperature range -20°C to 250°C
  • Excellent rust inhibiting properties
  • Excellent wear resistance properties
  • Excellent resistance to aggresive chemicals

Typical Properties

Thickener PTFE
Penetration worked after 60 strokes (ASTM D 217) mm/10 290
NLGI Class 2
Viscosity of base fluid at 20°C 1500
Viscosity of base fluid at 40°C 420
Viscosity of base fluid at 100°C 40
Viscosity Index (ASTM D 2270) cSt 135
Anti-Rust Additivation Yes
Evaporation (ASTM D 2595) Weight loss at 204°C/22h/120 l/h 1.2%
Range of continuous use temperature -20°C to 250°C
Oil separation FTMS 791 -321 Weight loss at 204°C/30 hrs 7.2%
Speedy Factor dm.n 250,000
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