Forensic Field Sampler with Adhesive Carbon Tab, and clear plastic cover, Short Pin

Glass specimen vial (25 mm OD x 55 mm High) with a high-purity certified 12.7mm SEM pin stub specimen mount (see below), both with and without an adhesive carbon conductive tab, mounted into the plastic cap. Our Forensic Field Sampler has been designed to collect forensic evidence with minimum interference and/or contamination from the sampler. Three versions are available: without adhesive carbon tab, with ready-to-use adhesive carbon tab, or with covered carbon tab (plastic cover needs to be removed prior to use). Choice of standard 12.7 mm SEM pin mount with 8 mm pin or 12.7 mm SEM pin mount with shorter 6 mm pin (ZEISS/LEO).

Investigation Applications for SEM or Light Microscopy

  • Gunshot residue (GSR)
  • Powder samples
  • Fiber samples
  • Paint chips
  • Particle sampling
  • Glass fragments

Ideal for SEM specimen preparation on the most frequently used SEM pin stubs, facilitating easy carbon coating for SEM/EDX investigation. The Forensic Field Sampler can be securely stored in the glass specimen vial and easily shipped with the cap holding the sampler stub in place. Adhesive carbon tabs secure the evidence material.

Adhesive carbon tabs secure the evidence material.

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Pack: 100 Pack