Gel-Pak®, 2"X2"X1/4" Anti-Static Hinged Box

Gel-Box AD Series Carriers owe their unique device-holding capabilities to a proprietary GEL coating applied directly to the bottom of a hinged box. Devices are held once contact is made with the GEL surface and will stay in place, even if the carrier is tilted or jarred. The carriers are designed for manual off-loading with tweezers or by hand. GEL-PAK® AD series are ideal for handling devices where no direct contact with the top of the device is important.

The GEL-BOX Carriers may also be used for bare die handling, such as GaAs, PETs, laser diodes, and beam-lead devices where the die size is small (less than 1 mm) and tweezers or other specialized techniques are used for off-handling.


  • No need for custom-molded containers for each device size.
  • Ideal for handling subassemblies, hybrid models and packaged devices.
  • Available in Transparent, Conductive and Anti-Static carriers in multiple sizes.
  • Retention Level available: x0, x1, x2, x3, x4, x5, and x8 (the higher the number the more retention capability)

We offer standard retention level X4. Other retention levels are available with the order of 100 or more, and at least two weeks.

SKU: 64903-X4
Pack: 50 Pack