GKM-2 Glass Knifemaker

For the highest quality glass knives, utilizing the "balanced break" method.

Features & Benefits

  • Solid, heavy design
  • Easily produces controlled, consistent breaks
  • Digital readout displays applied load as breaking arm is moved
  • Produces knives up to 8 mm wide
  • "Balanced Break" method for the sharpest knives
  • Micrometer positioners
  • Built-in stops for easy positioning
  • Precision mechanics supports "Slow-Break" technique

Taking the guesswork out of glass knife making...

The GKM 2 was developed to produce superior-quality glass knives utilizing the balanced break technique. For reproducible results, two aspects of the breaking procedure must be measurably controlled: position and load. The positioning of the glass on the GKM 2 is controlled by precision micrometers. The breaking pressure is controlled by the constant feedback displayed on the digital readout as the clamping handle and breaking arm are adjusted. This allows the minimum load possible to break the glass, producing long, straight edges.

The "balanced break" method requires an equal length of glass on both sides of the score, along with a mechanism that applies equal load to both sides, resulting in a straight break through the glass. This is crucial since this newly-formed edge becomes the actual knife edge.

The components of the GKM 2 body are precision-machined from solid metal, providing a stable platform for this exacting technique. Alignment is secured by a locking mechanism to maintain your desired settings.

Pressure sensor and digital display enable the operator to produce accurate knives with each controlled break. Precision micrometers accurately position glass squares for the final break into knives.

Combined, the solid platform, micrometer positioners, and digital load readout all contribute to reliably producing the sharpest knives.

The GKM 2 is designed to handle glass strips from 6 mm to 8 mm, and 10 mm in thickness and 25 mm wide, with mechanical stops to produce 25 mm glass squares easily. It also makes consistent "slow breaks" desired to produce the best knives for cryosectioning.

An instructional video with details on how to make consistent, high quality glass knives with the GKM 2 is included.


Dimensions (mm) Weight
360 W x 160 H x 170 D 13.6 kg
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