Graphene Oxide on Lacey Carbon, Cu Grid, 300 mesh

Graphene Oxide (GO) support film is a super thin (<1nm), naturally hydrophilic layer placed over the Holey, Lacey or Quantifoil support film on copper or gold grids. Pre-treatment of GO Support Films is unnecessary - by default, the hydrophilic surface spreads particles evenly across the grid. A hydrophobic surface can be achieved by heating in the air. Note: plasma cleaning or glow discharge will damage the support film.


  • Works well with Holey Carbon, Lacey Carbon and Quantifoil grid types, effectively spanning the gaps
  • Less expensive to produce due to complexity of graphene manufacturing
  • Better background contrast than graphene, results in higher resolution
  • Nearly transparent in electron beam
  • Barely visible under optical microscopes
  • Regular batch checking ensures correct coverage of monolayers
SKU: GOLC300Cu50
Pack: 50 Pack
Products specifications
Attribute name Attribute value
Mesh 300
Material Copper